Property Owners Insurance

What is Property Owners Insurance?

Property owners insurance which is sometimes referred to as landlord insurance covers a wide spectrum of insurance covers. A Cornish Insurance Broker can assist you in finding the right type of cover, discuss the options available and arrange a Commercial or Residential Property Owners insurance policy with a suitable insurer.

Property Owners InsuranceBy combining most property insurance policies along with additional covers you can cover for loss or damage to buildings and contents, loss of rent, Property Owners’ Liability, Employers’ Liability, Commercial Legal Expenses, Personal Accident, Engineering inspection and insurance, Loss Recovery Insurance, Terrorism insurance and Directors and Officers Liability insurance.

If you are a landlord and have normal home insurance for the property you could find out at the time of a claim that you are not covered. This could mean you may be liable for any damage to your property, third party property or personal injury which could see you out of pocket and having wasted money on a policy that wasn’t fit for purpose. An insurance broker can help you find the right policy. If you want to speak to an Insurance Broker in Cornwall then either choose the contact us option or click the logo on the home page and see how we can help you.

Unoccupied properties for let can also be covered. The standard cover offered by insurers is known as FLEA cover which covers limited insurable perils Fire, Lightening, Explosion and Aircraft. An insurance broker can help you find insurers who may be able to offer a wider range of perils including what is probably the most likely cause of claims, malicious damage. Surprisingly the premiums tend to be only about 10-20% more for the more comprehensive cover. It also helps being located in Cornwall where the risk rating is lower.

Residential Property Owners Insurance

If you let a property to someone to live in as their home then this would usually fall under a residential property owner’s insurance policy. A broker can help you find insurance whether you’re a private individual, an organisation that owns property, a property management organisation or a residents association.

Commercial Property Owners Insurance

If you let a property to someone to operate their business from then this would typically fall under a commercial property owner’s insurance policy. If you have a property you let that’s a shop, an office, warehouse or workshop you’ll need commercial property owners insurance. An insurance broker can assist you find the right cover.

Holiday Let Insurance

If you let a property to someone to stay in for a short period whilst on holiday then this would usually fall under a holiday let insurance policy. Do you have a holiday home in Cornwall? If so speak to a local insurance broker to check your cover is adequate for your needs.

Holiday Home Insurance

If you own a second property which you use to holiday in on an occasional basis then this would usually fall under a holiday home insurance policy. There are policies that can cover your holiday home whether it’s in the UK, Europe or further afield. All the better if it’s in Cornwall, but either way speak to a broker to see how they could help you find the right insurance policy.

Second Home / Property Insurance

If you own a second property which you live in on a regular basis then this would usually fall under a second home insurance policy. If you use the property infrequently then a Holiday Home insurance policy may be more appropriate.

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