Motor Insurance

What are the different types of Motor Insurance?

broker can discuss your insurance requirements but basically you must have motor insurance for your vehicle if you use it on roads and in public places, even in Cornwall.


You must have motor insurance to drive a vehicle on UK roads. Under UK legislation, if you own a vehicle you are legally obliged to have motor insurance in place, even if you are not using the vehicle, you are still required to have it insured.  


The exception to insuring a vehicle you are not using, i.e. if it is kept off the road, is to declare the vehicle as off the road (SORN). This rule is called ‘continuous insurance enforcement’.

You can cover the cost of damage to other vehicles, people or property when it’s your fault or if your cars stolen.


You can also get a more comprehensive policy that will cover repairs to your vehicle if it’s been involved in an accident.


Here’s the link to the governments page on vehicle insurance.

Personal Motor Insurance

Personal motor insurance provides cover for your personal vehicle.


We do not insure private cars in isolation, as we are predominately a commercial insurance broker; although we do offer this facility to our commercial clients.


A broker can help you find you the best cover at the right price for your insurance needs in Cornwall.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

If you own a commercial vehicle a broker can assist you to find the right insurance to cover your needs.


A commercial vehicle is usually defined as any type of motor vehicle used for paying passengers or transporting goods.


HMRC define it as having to have a payload of more than 1 tonne after seats and have a dedicated load area that is larger than the passenger area.


There are different options within commercial vehicle insurance including van insurance. For example van insurance allows you to pick-up goods, equipment, tools or stock for your business.


Truck Insurance

Commercial truck insurance provides cover for small businesses who either carry goods for themselves or provide haulage services. A broker can help whether it’s insurance on a named driver basis or for any driver.


From HGV, tippers, mixers, refrigerated, low loaders, tankers to transporters. Whether your work only covers Cornwall, or takes you around the UK or whether you do continental work a broker can help find the right insurance cover for you.

Taxi Insurance

Taxi insurance generally covers vehicles used to convey passengers for a profit such as private hire vehicles or Hackney carriage. Be it a minivan, minibus or black Hackney carriage a broker can help you find the right taxi insurance.


A commercial policy is required as personal private car insurance won’t cover you for hire and reward even if you’ve got business use cover on the policy. An insurance broker in Cornwall makes commercial sense to source the best options for you.

Chauffeur and Funeral Cars Insurance

If you offer a chauffeur service for local or national trips a broker in Cornwall can arrange suitable insurance cover for your business.


Funeral cars such as hearses are best covered by a Specialist insurance policy specifically tailored to the funeral industry. Speak to your local Cornwall broker for more information on the insurance available.

Fleet Insurance

If you run 3 or more vehicles then a broker may suggest you consider motor fleet insurance.


Instead of having individual policies for your vehicles you can have one insurance policy that covers all your vehicles.


You can specify the requirements of the policy such as any driver over 21 or any driver over 25. Competitive prices can usually be obtained for those operating in Cornwall.

Motor Trader Insurance

Whether you run a garage, work from home or are a mobile service a Cornish insurance broker can help you find the right cover. 

Motor Trade insurance covers a wide variety of trades including a car Valeter, mechanic, auto-electrician, body repairer, MOT station and car sales.


Give us a call to discuss your requirements. New clients usually find it beneficial to speak to one of our Cornish brokers to see if the cover they have meets their needs. You would be surprised at how often it doesn’t.


Trader insurance known in the insurance industry as motor trade insurance covers a wide spread of insurance covers.

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