Why it is important to use a Cornish Insurance Broker.

A Site about Insurance Brokers in Cornwall would be incomplete without a page dedicated to Cornwall!  We live in one of the most beautiful places on the planet, but unfortunately it’s also one of the most expensive places in the UK to live.  This is why it is important to use a Cornish Insurance Broker.  Cornish businesses need to help and support other Cornish businesses.


Cornwall Public LiabilityWhy focus on Business Insurance when you are surrounded by Beauty

While it is extremely important to organise your Cornish Business Insurance, you can sometimes get that involved and bogged down with Professional Indemnity, Public Liability, Employers Liability and Commercial Insurance Policies that you forget about the beauty that surrounds you every day.  By using an Insurance Broker in Cornwall, you can relax knowing you are in good hands and free up your time to actually get out and enjoy Cornwall.  For more information, go to our contact page to get in touch with a local broker.


Cornish History

If you are interested in Cornish history then click here for a great Cornish history timeline. It provides an in depth look at the history of Cornwall from 400,000BC to the present day and is well worth a read.



Cornwall is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.  With over 400 Beaches, you can never get bored and even in the heat of summer you can find a quiet spot somewhere.

Cornish Beaches

Cornish Towns & Villages

Cornwall has a vast number of towns and villages and one City.  Please find below information on a number of these


Truro – Cornwall’s only City

Truro is Cornwall’s only City.  It has an amazing Cathedral and is set in a beautiful location with some nice gardens and parks.  It has a number of shops and café’s that caters for everyone’s needs.



One of Cornwall’s traditional fishing towns, Mevagissy is a beautiful place to visit and attracts many tourists.  It has a working harbour and many narrow streets, a great aquarium and many craft shops and fish restaurants


St. Ives

Due to it’s unique light, St Ives has become a Mecca for artists and tourists alike.  A town once dependant on the fishing industry, St Ives has now become one of Cornwall’s major tourist destinations.

St Ives Insurance BrokerAs well as hosting the Tate gallery, St. Ives has many beautiful cobbled streets, restaurants and shops as well as beautiful beaches and walks.



One of Cornwall’s most well known fishing towns, Padstow is a small and beautiful place filled with gift shops and restaurants, including home to one of Rick Steins restaurants.  There are many boat trips on offer – one of which takes you across the river to the town of Rock.



Originally an ancient Market town, Penzance is now a magnet for tourists due to its Cornish culture and beauty.  It has a big promenade, hundreds of shops and a good selection of restaurants, as well as being close to St. Michaels Mount.



Home to the world famous Fistral Beach, Newquay is a vibrant town that caters for everyone.  It has numerous beaches, shops, restaurants and sporting activities such as surfing, diving, Jet Ski’s and boat trips as well as a vibrant night life making it popular for couples, families and party goers.  A great place to grab a pasty, watch the seals in the harbour and surf.


St. Austell

Just a couple of miles from the coast, the old market town of St. Austell is one of the largest towns in Cornwall.  It was once a very important mining town until the discovery of China Clay in the 18th Century when the extraction of clay soon became the town’s main industry.  Home to the world famous Eden Project has made St. Austell a visiting place for tourists.

Cornwall Commercial insurance

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