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Hello and welcome to our website. We created this site to help businesses in Cornwall find an insurance broker who can help them find the right insurance solution. Whether you’re looking for Public Liability Insurance policy or a Commercial Combined Insurance policy, or need to find out if you are required by law to have in place an Employer’s Liability insurance policy or just want some general commercial insurance advice, you are in the right place.

Newquay Insurance BrokerCan I arrange Insurance on my own?

While you can definitely arrange insurance on your own, we don’t recommend it as not having the right cover in place is not likely to come to your attention until the point of an insurance claim, by which time it’s too late to rectify. An insurance broker specialising in Commercial Insurance solutions will be able to help you through the insurance maze and make recommendations based on your current requirements.

A lot of Commercial insurance policies have endorsements, warranties and conditions that need to be adhered to ensure the cover the insurance policy provides stands in the event of a claim. Understanding these and what is required of you as a business and employer is essential. That’s where an experienced insurance broker can add great value, by initially negotiating with insurers on any aspects of the endorsements, warranties and conditions you may have issues or problems with.


What are the benefits of a Cornish Insurance Broker?

There’s a lot of value-added benefits a commercial insurance broker who deals with SME’s on a regular basis. Sole traders, partnerships and limited companies have different requirements and a commercial broker can help solve these. Please feel free to read our articles and the various topics related to commercial insurance and insurance brokers in Cornwall to help solve your insurance requirements.


What to expect when you use an insurance broker

If you decide to use a local insurance broker in Cornwall for your business either by calling our number or using our contact page, we will arrange for a local broker to call you to discuss your needs.  There is no charge for this discussion and the broker will take the relevant details to obtain a free quotation on your behalf.  You will also be able to ask any questions you may have.

Cornwall Business InsuranceAfter your telephone consultation the broker will then use their knowledge of the insurance market and select the correct insurers to liaise with to obtain your quotations.  This can take anything from a couple of working days to over a week depending on the size and complexity of your business.  Occasionally Insurers may require further information from you and will work with your broker on this.

Once your broker has your quotations they will contact you, in whatever way you find more convenient, to discuss and present you with the quotes.  You will be able to ask them any questions or queries that you may have, or whether you want to change any of the sums insured or level of cover.


Okay, so I am happy with my quote.  What next?

Once you are happy with your quotation and wish to go ahead, your local broker will discuss with you what date you wish to start the policy from and give you a variety of options for how you wish to pay.  Whether you want to pay in full, or in monthly instalments and how you would like to receive your policy documentation.

Your broker will then contact Insurers to arrange cover and the policy start date.


What if I want to change or cancel my policy mid way through?

Most insurance policies can be modified at any time.  This is known as a mid-term adjustment (or MTA) and will normally result in either an additional premium, or return premium.  An example of this would be increasing the level of stock insured on a shop policy, or adding a new vehicle onto a motor fleet policy.

Depending on insurer, you can normally cancel your policy mid-term and a return premium will be calculated on a pro-rate basis, minus any cancellation fees.

Some insurance policies are issued on a ‘minimum and deposit’ basis, which basically means once paid; you are not entitled to any refund if cancelled.  You will be advised of this before taking out a policy on this basis.


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